Furniture Removal

Chair & Couch Removal

T Maxwell Junk Removal & Cleanouts will get any furniture from any location. We can remove several items at once and also do single item pick ups. Are you expecting new furniture and need to get rid of furniture ? T Maxwell Junk Removal & Cleanouts will coordinate around your delivery  schedule to ensure an easy process. In turn, you will not be without furniture for long while you await your new arrivals!

Dresser Removal

Are you looking to junk old bedroom furniture or dressers to make room for the new items? We will remove old dressers, bed frames, armoires, cabinets, headboards, mattresses at your request.

Table Removal

Have a table thats just about to give out? Did the table outgrow your home? Are you moving or downsizing and don't have a need for a table? If you answered YES to any of these questions or have a similar reason you need to junk  a kitchen table, dining room table, patio table,  outdoor table contact us today!